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​Curriculum vitae

NAME: Jytte Kløve
BORN: 21/09/1949.
PROFESSION: Goldsmith. Own studio from 1975.

1973-75, Denmark’s Design Academy.
1969-73, goldsmith from Tage Selsøe-Larsen’s studio.

Working field:
Design of jewellery and objects
Product design
Events and Lectures

Sold to:

2018 ”Heartflower with white Stamens”, broche bought by Danish Arts Foundation's jewellery Collection

2012 Museum of Koldinghus in Kolding, Denmark. ”The Goldsmith's Candlestick".
2010 ”Red Amphora and Nodding Solitair”, The Copenhagen Goldsmith's Guild.
2009 Arts and Crafts Museum in Copenhagen was given a donation of ”Man's Ring” from 1978, from Mr. Jan Erdmann and Mrs. Lone Withen Erdmann.
Museum of Koldinghus in Kolding, Denmark. (Brooch ”Gold of the Sea”).
2008 Arts and Crafts Museum in Copenhagen. (Ring ”Kayak”)
2006 Arts and Crafts Museum in Copenhagen. (Bracelet with Lamellae)
2006 Kunstforeningen af 14. August (guest book in ivory, glass, diamond, gold).
2006 Danish Arts Foundation. (Tulip Brooch, Lying Pin, Boat Bracelet and Play Ring).
1992 Danish Arts Foundation. Silver necklace with gold decoration.
1988 Danish Arts Foundation. Ring in Use and Rose-coloured Möbius Bracelet
1977 Kunstforeningen af 14. August (silver brooch and silver ring)
1976 Danish Arts Foundation. Black gold ring. And a number of arts societies.

Prizes and grants:

2019 Work Grant from Konsul George Jorck og hustru Emma Jorck’s Foundation.

2017 Honorary Grant from the Danish National Banks Jubilee Foundation.

2014 1. Prize Copenhagen goldsmiths’ guild anniversary competition 14 CARAT with a series of sculptural rings.
2009 Culture Prize from the community of Lyngby-Taarbæk.
Grant from Copenhagen Goldsmith's Guild.
Grant from Danish Crafts in relation to book release “60-40-100”.
2008 Second prize in Scandinavian pearl competition.
2004 Work grant from The Danish National Treasury foundation.
2003 Work grant from the Danish Art foundation.
2001 Travel grant from Ausa Regitze Tilly’s foundation.
2000 Prize from Ole Haslund’s Artists’ foundation.
1999 Work grant from The Danish National Treasury foundation.
1998 Work grant from the Danish Art foundation.
1988 Work grant from The Danish National Treasury foundation.
1978 First prize in Scandinavian Jewellers’ diamond competition.
1976 First prize in Danish Jewellers’ competition.
1975 Silver medal, Arts & Crafts prize 1879.

Special commissions and events:

2020 Member of the jury at 'Æglageret'. Holbæk.

2019 New Nordic music composed by Toke Lund Christiansen, inspired by Kløves jewellery. Premired at ”Image of a Dream” in the banquet hall at Designmuseum Danmark

2017 Idea for the exhibition “Living exhibition” in the vestibule of
Danish National Bank.

Idea for the exhibition “Rings in the Light”, a virtual exhibition of rings in the Danish National Bank.

2015 “A living Exhibition”. An event in connection with 40 years jubilee at LyngbyBIB, together with a short film “Inspiration”, by John Krøll. 

Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts n Beijing, lecture and workshop.

2013 Shop of the year. Kgs. Lyngby Denmark.
2012 Designed jewellery for the ballet La Bayadere on the Royal Theater.
2011 Member of the jury at Ovnhus Craftsmarket. Denmark.
2010 Design of Church silver for Lundtofte Church. Kgs. Lyngby.
2009 Member of the jury at KIC, Aarhus, Denmark
Release of the book 60-40-100, Rings by Jytte Kløve.
The winning ring for a man from 1973 donated to the Danish Design Museum by Lone Witthen Erdmand and Jan Witthen Erdmann.
Member of the jury at KIC, Aarhus, Denmark.
2008 Member of the jury at KIC, Aarhus, Denmark.
2006 Member of the jury WCC , KORU 2 Lappenrenta, Finland.
2004 Member of the jury at Inhorgenta, Münich, Germany.
2004 Participated in the publishing of the book “Monatsringe” with “Sweet Ring” made of chocolate.
2003 Idea for the exhibition Jewellery in the Light in Aarhus Kunstbygning.
2003 Teacher at Institute for Precious Metals.
1997 Design of laser event in Lyngby.
1996 Made three-dimensional crown in lights for Lyngby council. Hung every year on Town Square for Christmas. Translated into two-dimensional symbol.
1995 Toke Lund Christiansen (well known Danish composer and flute player) wrote three pieces for flute inspired by my jewellery.
1994 Gold cutlery in collaboration with the Force Institute.
1993 Developed technology to freeze jewellery inside ice cubes. Together with Institute for Organic Chemistry, DTU.
1992 Street sculpture in Lyngby together with artist Bjørn Rødding.
1988 Laugskæde (guild chain) for electrician’s guild in Copenhagen.
1987 Created the “Top Prize”, Insurance company TopDanmark’s foundation’s prize.
1983 Created Trophy for the Scandinavian Trotting Association.
1982 Created the “Charter prize”.
1978 Created jewellery for Hans Hansen’s silver smithy, now in production with Royal Scandinavia.

2001 In the “Blue Book” (Who’s Who)
2001 In “Dansk Smykkekunst 1960 – 2000” by art historian Lise Funder, pages 94-95.
2000 As Sent from the Rainbow, film by Pi Michael, music by Irene Becker.
1999 Approximately half of the stolen jewellery (1998) located abroad.
1999 TV programme about my work. TV2, solo.
1998 Dictionaire International de Bijoux, page 317
1998 All jewellery stolen from studio at break-in in December.
1996 TV2 Lorry, Winter Lights, Lyngby
1995 8 Pieces for flute composed by Toke Lund Christiansen, inspired by the jewellery from “20 Summers Young” anniversary catalogue. First own catalogue. Text by art historian Bente Scavenius.
1993 Thaw in Ice, TV2, solo.
1991 Daughter Kamma with Bo Krogh.
1988 Partook in exhibition about jewellery as architecture (Pi Michael: New Shapes – New Times)
1987 Objects One, page 82
1979 Danish Arts and Craftsmen Encyclopaedia, page 309. Represented at the Designmuseum Denmark.

Jytte Kløve has travelled in many Europeancountries, Australia and USA. Worked independently for periods of time at colleagues’ studios in Bergen, Vienna and Venezia. Have had visitors to my studio from Denmark, Finland, Scotland, England, Holland, Brazil, Chile, Israel and Australia. Apprentices: Lisa Juul, Lone Gudmundsson, Kasia Gasparski, Marianne Brouér, Marie Kæmpe von Lotzbeck, Camilla Urban and AllanBayer.



”The Dimensions of Death”, Sønderborg Slot.


”The Jewel of the seal”, Kattegat centeret in Kerteminde

”Works and Days”, The Danish State Artfoundations jewellery exhibition, Antikensamlungen i München, Germany.


”Image of a Dream”, event at Designmuseum Danmark.


”TAK”, retrospective exhibition in The Danish National Bank, on occasion of allocation of the Honorary Grant 2017.

“Bring it On”, Denmarks house in Paris (October 2017 – January 2018)


“Freedom of Speech”, Kunsthallen Grønbechs Gård, Bornholm. Solo.


40 years jubilee 11th of June.

“Ring and Box 3”, Galleri Bærbart, Copenhagen.

“# 153 – selected Pieces form the Danish Arts Foundation's jewellery Collection”, Designmuseum Danmark.

“Winterlight”, exhibition on LyngbyBIB. Solo.

”14 karat”, Selected Fine Jewellery, Copenhagen, Denmark
”The Painter and the Goldsmith”, Annaborg, Hillerød, Denmark
Pearl exhibition at Rosenborg Castle. (January)
”Target the Heart”, Electrum Gallery, London, England
”Silver Moves”, Grassi, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Leiozig, Germany
”European trienal for contemporary jewellery”, Mons, Belgien.(May)
”Objects og Light, contemporary Modern Silver”. Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen.

“Material Considerations”, Museum of Koldinghus, Kolding.
“Saxifraga og Vidde Vider”, Galleie Svalbard , Longyearbyen, Norway. Together with the painter Aino Grib.
"All - Ready - Made", Køppe Gallery, Copenhagen.
"Museo Franz Mayer", Mexico City, Mexico.
”FTJ-The Green Gold”, the Danish Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen.
“Rings”, Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst, Hanau, Tyskland
“The Red Thread”, The Jewellery Museum at Stege Museum. Solo.
“Glimpses of new Danish Jewellery”, Officinet, Denmark.
“Christmas Ball”, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. Solo.

“The Myth of the Ring”, Nordens Hus, Reykjavik, Iceland.
“In the mood of the Rings”, Le Arti Orafe, Art Gallery, Florence, Italy. “Kunstforeningen af 14. August”, 40 years anniversary. Danish Arts and Crafts Museum, Copenhagen.
“Blooming Design”, Lisse, Holland.
“Monatsringe und Tagesformen – schmuck füden Alltag”. Gallerie für Angewandte Kunst, Munich, Germany.
“Rings in Dialogue”, The National Gallery, Research division in Jellinge, Denmark.
“Rings in Dialogue” Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaugs (Copenhagen jewellers’ guild) 575 years anniversary at the National Gallery.
“Minimal Rings”, Bellagio, Ashville, North Carolina, USA.
“Minimal Rings”, Confident Gallery, Florida, USA.
“The Myth of the Ring”, Gallery Stallen, Norway.
“The Myth of the Ring”, Galleri Fold, Norway.
“Smykker i Lys” (Jewellery in the Light), Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, Denmark. “Much Ado about Nothing”, Officinet, Copenhagen, Denmark.
“10 years”, Danish Jewellery Museum, Møn, Denmark.
“Glimpses”, with the painter Aino Grib, Sortlands Kunstnerhus, Norway.
“The Magic of Jewellery”, Søllerød Museum, Søllerød.
“Sofa”, New York, Charon Kransen Arts.

 “Rainbows in the Night”, 25 years anniversary exhibition, Performance with a film by Pi Michael. Norske Huset in Sophienholm Park, Lyngby.
“My Tree”, Danish Arts and Crafts Museum, Copenhagen.
“Harvest Jewellery”, Malling Arts and Crafts, Gentofte.

 “Bridal Picture”, exhibition in Galleri EX, Copenhagen, 

“… du Comtemporain”, Bijoux et Orfèvrerie de Créateurs, Chateaux Musee de Cagnes, France. Exhibition instigated by the Danish Cultural Institute in Edinburgh and Dublin.
“Jewellery in Light and Darkness”, Performance, solo. Out of doors, own production. “New Danish Design” Sophienholm, Lyngby.
“The Danish Brooch”, Marienlyst Slot, Elsinore.
“Tactus-Zoo”, Tactus, Copenhagen.
“Ring and Box II” Galleri Metal, Copenhagen.
“Goldring” Uzes, France.
“Sudden Thaw”, Jewellery in ice. Performance Solo. Out of doors, own production. 

“Nordic Jewellery”, Electrum Gallery, London.
Tuborgs Kunstforening, Hellerup.
“The 20the Anniversary Show”, Electrum Gallery, London.
“Pallait”, Vienna.
“Triennale Europeenne du Bijou”, Musée de Luxembourg, Paris.
“Statens Kunstfond 25 år”, Rosenkjærhallen, Copenhagen.
“Aurifex”, Budapest, Hungary.
“Ring and Box”, Galleri Metal, Copenhagen.

 “Jytte Kløve, Sculptural Jewellery”, Georg Jensen, New York (solo).
“Birte Stenbak und Jytte Kløve.”, Galleri Cardillac, Karlsruhe, Germany.
“5+1”, Bjørn Lindgren Gallerie, New York.
“Danske Kunsthåndværkere og Nordiske Gæster”, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen.

“Juweelkunst uit Denemarkeen”, Diamondmuseum, Antwerp, Belgium.
“Jewellery for Men”, De Beers show, Copenhagen.
Denmark House, Stockholm.
Efterårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg, Denmark.
Galleri Metal (together with Anette Kræn), Copenhagen.
Carlsberg Kunstforening, Copenhagen.
Forårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
Handwerksschau, Munich, Germany.
“Arts and Crafts 80”, DKL on Danish Arts and Crafts Museum, Copenhagen.
“Five Danes”, Electrum Gallery, London.
“Danica Craft”, Luxemburg. Gemmologisk Selskabs jubilæumsudstilling, Museum of Geology, Copenhagen.
Summerexhibition, Marienlyst, Elsinore.
Lyngby Town Library, solo.
Gallerie Bernd Munsteiner, Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
DKL on Danish Arts and Crafts Museum, Copenhagen.
Forårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
Helligåndshuset, DKL, Copenhagen.
Odakyo Grand Gallery, Tokyo.
“Septemberudstillingen” Sophienholm, Lyngby.
“DKL i Helligåndshuset”, Copenhagen. And more…

Member of:
Danish Arts and Craftsmen. 1976 - 2011
The Chair of the Danish Arts and Craftsmanship, until 1997.

Jytte Kløve, April 2020.

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