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Read the Winter Letter HERE


To create beauty and calm, this year I've found  inspiration in a common roadside flower.​

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The pieces from 2020 are traces

of what we've lived through,

translated into a lyrical language,

which you can carry into the


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2019 "LOOK"​​ - Look in - look out

is the story about an event and an exhibition which describes my method of working in the occasion that is 50 years since I started as goldsmith apprentice, and that I this year will be 70 years old. The event took place at Designmuseum Danmark in September 2019 and the exhibition ”Image of a Dream” continued in my shop until the end of the year.

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2018 "No 30"

30 WINTER LETTERS: 1988 - 2018

Since 1988 I have every year summarised the thoughts and ideas of the year in text og photo, so that everybody can follow which way I'm going. In the first decade the text was quite short, - and few photos. But since 1998 it has been genuine catalogues.

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2017 "TAK"

The Winter Letter 2017 is about the award of the Honorary Grant from the Danish Nationalbanks Jubilee fund to Jytte Kløve.

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Winter Letter about bracelets.

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Winter Letter 2015

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Winterletter 2014

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​Winterletter 2013

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2012 stoprings

It sparkles when the sun shines through it and it gives me a kick when my eye finds the depths of it, thinking what’s going on in there? Move ever so slightly and it’s completely changed. A cloud passes in front of the sun. The colour is changed.

The Winterletter for 2012 can be seen here:

2011 Kloeves Heart​

I just love making jewellery –the precise moment when an idea materialises never fails to make me happy. In my world, everything is created by hand, so that each piece is slightly different from the next – an on-going change. No two items are the same.

But this year something new happened. The models for the red heart rings were made in my studio in four different versions, each multiplied in a material I’ve never used before. They are red and soft. They bend and yield when they encounter resistance.

The Winterletter for 2011 ca be seen here:​

2010 The Silver​

When I open the door to my shop in the morning, there is another door that opens simultaneously. On it is the word “jewellery”, and behind it are many other doors. Some which are locked. Will I find the key? One door is jammed, so I have to push it open with my shoulder. Several doors open easily and I can walk in and out unhindered, while others stay slightly ajar. This way, I can pop in and out as I wish.

That’s how it’s been lately. It has been a very exciting time. I have moved between most of the rooms. But, when I look back at this year, I think I must have spent most of my time in 2010 behind the Silver Door.

See the Winterletter here.

2009 "60-40-100"​

The 15th December 2009 Jytte Kløve published a book"60-40-100" where it was presented at an event at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.

Jytte Kløve is one of Denmarks great jewellery artist. The book "60-40-100" is about 100 fingerrings by Jytte Kløve, created throughtout her long career.

The cahapters of the book is preceeded by a personal narrative of the time, the inspiration and the design in universe of Jytte Kløve.

The norwegian professor og art historian Jorunn Veiteberg introduces.

See the Winterletter HERE.​

2008. Kayak.​

Since 1988 I’ve published a so-called Winter Letter every year – a publication with my artistic end-of-year reflections.

In 2008 the Winter Letter primarely focussed on the ring "Kayak", which the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen recenly acquired.

See the Winterletter HERE.

2007 ”Kløve-Kæder” Necklaces​

In 2007 the Winter Letter focused on the necklaces I’ve made between 1991 and 2007.

See the Winterletter HERE.​​

2006. Springy Bracelets and 2-Finger Rings​


In 2006 the Winter Letter described the year’s experiments with thin springy gold bracelets and a small series of 2-finger rings, which came to me late in the year. One of these won a prize in a Scandinavian pearl competition in 2007.

See the Winterletter HERE.​

2005 ”The Red Thread” - Brooches​

In 2005 the Winter Letter was about brooches of thin thread. The Winter Letter was rewarded by the Danish Arts Foundation by an acquisition of four works from the catalogue, which are now all parts of the Foundation’s Jewellery Box.

( Sorry, only in Danish.

See the Winterletter HERE.​

2004 ”Amfora” – Rings

Winter Letter from 2004 became the catalog for an in house exhibition.
Exclusively containing amphora-rings. That same year I became part of a German book publishing "Monats-Rings," and for this event my part was rings. It contained physically 12 rings, each designed by a European jeweler, and the publication was published in Berlin in 120 copies.

See the Winterletter HERE.

2003. The Queen of Sheba’s Fan - Installation​

In 2003 I focused on a single event, the exhibition “Much Ado about Nothing” in “Officinet” (the Office), Danish Arts and Craftsmen’s exhibition hall in Bredgade, Copenhagen. For this I’d written a story about the Queen of Sheba.

See the Winterletter HERE.

2002 Men's Jewellery

2002 was the year when I made only jewellery for men.

See the Winterletter HERE.

2001 Deer Tracks

The armring “Deer Tracks” takes the viewer on a journey of the mind - to a midsummer day with smells of forest floor and honeysuckle. The light-treading deer that grazed here this morning left an imprint in the dewy forest floor - and moved gracefully on ...

Since 1988 I’ve published a so-called Winter Letter every year – a publication with my artistic end-of-year reflections.

See the Winterletter HERE.

2000. 25 years anniversary catalouge​

Since 1988 I’ve published a so-called Winter Letter every year – a publication with my artistic end-of-year reflections. At the millennium I celebrated my 25th anniversary and published a retrospective catalogue and a CD with the film “As Sent from the Rainbow”. Pi Michael produced the film with music by Irene Becker. It was part of my anniversary exhibition “Rainbows in the Night” which took place at the “Norske Huset” at Sophienholm, Lyngby. 

See the Winterletter HERE.

See film by Pi Michael "Like coming from the Rainbow"​

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