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TAK -  The Exhibition - 27th OCTOBER – 27th NOVEMBER 2017.


SCENE 1 SILVERWARE. ”Day and Night”, silver candlestick with black Tahiti pearls, gold candlestick with South Sea pearls. Exhibited at Rosenborg Castle at the exhibition ”Pearls and Royal Splendour” in 2012.

”Idea for candlesticks”, pendant in gold, Tahiti pearl and brilliants. 2012.

”The Goldsmith’s Candlesticks” are from 2010 and in silver and quartz bubbles. Two of the sticks are privately owned and similar to the third tall one, which was purchased in 2012 by the Museum at Koldinghus. The sticks have been exhibited at ”Silver Moves”, Grassi, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Leipzig in Germany.

”The Goldsmith’s Candlesticks” low. Silver and quartz bubbles. 2010.

”Classic candlestick 1 and 2”, candlesticks in silver, 2010. The two candlesticks have been exhibited at “Objects of Light”, Contemporary Modern Silver 2010 at Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen. Privately owned.

SCENE 2.”Bracelet with Bell”, matte black silver and red gold. 1980.

”Boat bracelet”, matte black silver and yellow gold. 1993.

”Boat bracelet”, red and yellow gold from 1993.

The Danish Arts Foundation acquired one in 2007, now deposited in the Jewellery Box from where it can be borrowed.

”Bend Ring”, black patinated silver ring for the right ring finger with teaser ring in red gold. 1988.

”Bend Ring” in red gold for the left ring finger with 2 brilliants. 1988. This ring is Jytte Kløve’s chief work and contains the main feature of her work, poetic simplicity.

”Kernel with a Sway”, bracelet in gold with 8 white and 7 green brilliants. 1999.

”Kernel with a Sway”, necklace in matte black silver and gold. 1999.

SCENE 3. The 2-finger ring in gold with yellow South Sea pearls is for the left hand and won a 2nd prize in a Scandinavian pearl contest in 2008.

”The Loop”, gold, yellow Tahiti pearl and brilliant. Privately owned. 2015.

”Dark Foliage”, matte black bracelet in silver and gold, 2016.

”Dark Foliage”, bracelet in silver and gold, 2016.

”Salmon chain”, necklace in red gold, 2017.

Sketches for bracelets, gilded silver, 1992.

”Discussion”, 4 bracelets in red and yellow gold and Tahiti pearls. 2015.

”Red and Yellow Foliage”, necklace in red and yellow gold. 2007.

SCENE 4. ”The Bullfinch”, ring in red gold with plum coloured diamond. Privately owned. 2000.

”The Toucan”, ring in silver and pure gold, 2000.

”Deer Tracks”, silver, 2001.

”Deer Tracks”, matte black silver and pure gold. 2001.

”Cutter”, silver bracelet. 2000.

”The Yellow Prince”, gold, partially matte black with 7 yellow brilliants. Privately owned. 2000.

”The Black Prince”, matte black and light silver, 2016.

”The Princess”, silver. 2000.

”The Queen”, matte black silver and pure gold. 2000.

”The King”, gold. Owned by the goldsmith. 2000.

SCENE 5. ”My Pretty Dress”, matte black silver and leaf gold. 1997.

”Tomato flower”, square brooch in matte black silver and leaf gold. 1997.

”Papal Ring”, silver, gold and chrysoprasus. Privately owned. 1995.

”Harvest Bracelet”, light silver and pure gold. Privately owned. 1995.

”Harvest Bracelet”, matte black silver and leaf gold. 1996.

”Møbius Harvest Bracelet”, matte black silver, gold and 20 brilliants set inside the bracelet. Privately owned. 1995.

”Møbius Harvest Bracelet”, matte black silver with doubly engraved kernels. 1995.

”Eagle Brooch”, red gold, diamond navettes set inside. Privately owned. 1994.

”Starry Night Ring”, silver with red gold decoration. 1994. ”Starry Night Ring”, gold with 19 brilliants. Privately owned. 1994.

”Starry Night Bracelet”, matte black silver and gold with brilliants. Privately owned. 1995.

SCENE 6. ”Starry Night Bracelet”, silver. Privately owned. 1993.

”Starry Night Brooch”, matte black silver, 1993.

”Starry Night Brooch”, matte black silver and gold. 1993.

”Starry Night Bracelet”, matte black silver and gold. 1992.

”Birds of the Soul”, 4 brooches in black patinated gold with diamonds. 1995. Were exhibited at ”...Du Contemporain”, Bijoux et Orfèvrerie de Créateurs, at Chateau Musee de Cagnes, France.

”Starry Night Ring”, red gold with diamonds and imperial topaz. 1993.

”The Night’s Bracelet”, Starry Night bracelet in black patinated gold and diamonds. 1992. Was exhibited at ”...Du Contemporain”, Bijoux et Orfèvrerie de Créateurs, at Chateau Musee de Cagnes, France.

”Fox Head”, red gold ring with tiny diamonds and matching silver box with inlay of red gold and white mink. 1987.

”Møbius Lamella Bracelet”, is in silver and red gold from 1986 as is the closed ”Møbius Lamella Bracelet”. This one was acquired by Designmuseum Denmark in 2007.

Lamella necklace with emerald, red gold. Privately owned. 1991.

SCENE 7 The 80's. ”Lamella Necklace with Folds”, silver. Was exhibited at Georg Jensen in New York in 1985.

“Lamella bracelet” with gentle folds, silver. 1985.

”Møbius Bracelet”, red gold with 8 brilliants. Was exhibited at Bjørn Lindgren Gallery in New York City 1985. Acquired by The Danish Arts Foundation in 1988 and now deposited in the Jewellery Box from where it can be borrowed.

”Red Ring”, red gold and brilliant. Privately owned. 1980.

”Running Pearl Ring”, red gold and Tahiti pearl. 1983.

”Running Red Ring”, red gold. Was exhibited at ”Rings in Dialogue” at the National Gallery. Privately owned. 2004.

”Running Bracelet”, silver. 1982.

”Running Bracelet”, silver. 1982.

”Bend Bracelet”, matte black silver and enamel. 1991.

”Endo Chain”, matte black silver and enamel. 1991.

”Big Fish”, silver bracelet. 1978.

”Fish Bracelet”, gold with two brilliants for the right hand and inverted ”Fish Bracelet”, matte black silver for the left hand. 1985.

SCENE 8. ”Fish Chain”, red gold and silver. Privately owned. 1981.

”Swaying Circle”, bracelet with threads, silver. Exhibited at the September exhibition at Sophienholm 1976.

Accompanying ring for the little finger with threads, silver. 1981.

Ring for the little finger, black patinated silver with threads in red gold. 1978.

”Circle with Triangle”, bracelet in steel and gold. Exhibited at Charlottenborg’s curated Autumn exhibition in 1981. Privately owned.

”First Fish”, bracelet in silver. 1977.

Bracelet in steel. 1976.

”Bracelet with Malachite”, forged silver bracelet with malachite. 1978.

”Long Necklace”, forged silver. 1976.

”Triangular Bracelet”, forged silver. 1975.

”Four-legged Ring”, two rings with Indian moonstones, one red gold and the other silver. 2017.

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