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The shot at the powder keg

Black silver and padparasha

closed door

Black silver with green citrine

The shot at synagogue

Black silver with padparadscha

Back to back

Black silver and padparacha

Provide Chain

black silver​

Gul blomst hvor kuglerne faldt

Guld og sorte sølv kugler

Perle boble

18 kt guld med grøn tahiti perle

Kæde uden ord

Sort sølv og 18 kt guld


Looking at you
18 kt guld med hvid og gul brillant

Sort blomst med blå støvdragere

Sort hvidguld med blå brillanter

Black flower with green stamens

Black gold with green diamonds

Let's talk

Ring in gold with Tahitian pearls

yellow flower

Large gold with 11 yellow and white diamonds

5 people having the same opinion

Bracelet with lock, gold, diamond

Freedom of speech

Gold with diamonds
3 people talking
Black silver and white freshwater pearls


Bangles In yellow and red gold with Tahitian pearls

See you ring

Ring in yellow and red gold with diamonds


Red gold and white beads

Mans ring

Sølv og padparachia

Jewellery Studio

Goldsmith Jytte Kloeve
Lyngby Hovedgade 44

DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby​


Phone: +45 4588 5585


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