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​The exhibition Werke & Tage / Works & Days takes place at the Antikensammlung in München as a part of celebrating the good friendship between Denmark and Germay. 50 dansish jewelleryartists takes part with 100 works, which are presentet side by side with the antique works at the​Antikensammlung. All the 100 danish artworks are choosen from the Danish State Arts Foundation's jewellery colllection.

The Exhibition is on the initiative of the Danish State Arts Foundation, and has been curated by the fabulous danish goldsmith Mette Saabye and Dr. Florian Knauss from Antikensammlung, and they are both very excited about how the dialogue between contemporary Jewellery and the antique objects is working out.

The exhibition will last untill the start of june, and here you can find 4 of my works, choosen from works in public owenership.

See the catalouge HERE​​​


Jytte Kløve

The "14 CARAT" competition was organised on the occasion of Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaug’s 585th anniversary in 2014 – corresponding to the stamped value of 14 carat, and the winner received the first prize of 58,500 DKR.

A further five prizes of recognition were awarded to:
Anja Aagaard Eriksen, Peder Musse, Pyry Tamminen, Stine Krogsgaard and Ulrike Ramin.


Without hesitation the jury choose goldsmith Jytte Kløve as the winner of Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaugs (Copenhagen goldsmiths’ guild) anniversary competition 14 CARAT with her series of sculptural rings.
The rings are designed in a superior Scandinavian style, a future evergreen made by an incredibly skilled craftsperson. It is a ring in a simple design with great artistic merit, with many uses and suitable for women of all ages

Jytte Kløve herself writes about her rings:
My contribution to this competition is a gold ring, which almost looks like a dog-eared piece of paper lightly gripping a small diamond – only the paper is gold. “Ring with Friends” can be worn on its own, but who likes to be alone? The ring is crafted in three identical copies, which can be worn alone, as a pair or in a triple version – furthermore the “friends” can be twisted and turned, giving each wearer a chance to express her own unique self.
RING WITH FRIENDS 3 x 14 carat gold with 0.05ct. TW/VVS brilliant
Foto: Dorte Krogh

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